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A holistic technique for Naturally Improve Health and Vision is based on the color therapy and the Bible color instructions. It's designed for (1) improve vision, (2) reduce stress and depression (3) expand creative activity (4) solve problems that connected with winter blues and seasonal affective disorder (5) promote self-regulation.

1. How does the software work?

The eyes are an extension of the brain. The visual system is intimately connected with the nervous system and endocrine system by way of the eyes which through the light receptors of the retinas send electrical messages not only to the visual cortex but also to the hypothalamus and pineal glands. Our eyes charge and energize our brain and nervous system.

Visual areas of the brain and nervous system are capable of reacting to impulse going from the retina. To improve the eye-sight, it is necessary to activate corresponding areas of the brain by specific flickering colors.

The software shows optical illusion images and lively color effects pulsating with alternating frequencies. It interact with specific zones of the brain. The brain receives light signals, which, in turn, improve energetic balance throughout the entire body. The accurate amounts and suitable combinations of colors and also their frequencies of pulsations are critical in healing.

Instruction for users

Each daily eye exercise session lasts 45 minutes. Many people notice improved vision in just 3 or 5 days , with continued improvement throughout the following 3 or 8 weeks. The duration of each session differs from person to person and depends on existing conditions. A result may be achieved after 35 minutes. The minimal duration of one session is 25 minutes, the maximal - 60 minutes or more, but it should never extend beyond an two hours. Remember, human brain is inclined to resist external influence. You may need several session before your brain and eyes are trained to the unusual light effects

Ease your body and remember to breathe slowly too. When you breathe rhythmically, blood is able to carry oxygen more efficiently to all parts of your body. Sit comfortably on a chair. Doing session, try to stop your mind from wandering here and there. Bring your attention just to observation of color and graphic motion. You may use any musical files from your computer, internet-radio, or anything else. Set the sound volume so as not to get distracted or irritated by it during the treatment.

Remember, the session must be performed in total darkness when no external light irritants are present. So, as sensitivity of a human eye is so high that under ideal conditions one can discern the light of a burning match at night from the top of a mountain at the distance of 80 km. In view of this, it is possible in complete darkness, i.e. in the absence of any external light stimuli, to use a regular PC for the light stimulation of human brain.

ATTENTION !! The monitor should be looked on through half-closed eye-lids so as to be able to see the light emanating from color balls like from search-lights. At the regular glance you will see color balls. But if you look through half-open eye-lids in a while you値l see light emanating from these balls as if they were search-lights. There may be other visual effects as well. This is the chief condition which visual brain stimulation depends upon. Pay special attention to it.

The control panel

VISN software

1. Set up your computer monitor on maximum brightness and contrast.

2. Load up the program

3. Set up the program by using control panel. For it put cursor in middle of screen and left click on the mouse.

4. Take a comfortable sitting position in an arm-chair or on a sofa in front of the monitor, some 1 to 2 meters from it.

The control panel consists of six buttons lines.

The first buttons line consists of the buttons for changing frequencies of pulsations. The human beings naturally produce the 7.8 hertz. The brain waves in a relaxed state or in a state of meditation are the 7 to 10 hertz.

The second buttons line are for changing power of influence of the light signals on human being. The buttons: "min", "normal", "best" and "max" are for changing focus. The buttons "large". "middle" and "small" - for changing size of the light signals or brightness

The third button line consists of the buttons for fixing the special light signals for the particular color.

The fourth button line consists of the buttons for settung up for works with images or light signals.. In case, if you not like to use the particular colors then click on the button "Reset" for ignoring this mode.

The fifth buttons line are for changing frequencies and size of the special light signals. when you use the particular colors. This buttons line allows to fix the way how the particular color should penetrate in you by alpha or theta or delta waves. Theta waves oscillate between 3 and 7 Hz.. The 4 Hz is theta wave is associated with bursts of creative insight. Delta waves oscillate between 1 and 3 Hz.. Delta waves 1.2 and 2.5 Hz is associated with deep sleep and meditation. The buttons "* High". "* Well" and "* Easy"- for changing size the special light signals

The last buttons line are for changing the Bible color instruction i.e. it allows to choose the appropriate color instruction for visual stimulation in according with the Bible portion.

Pay special attention to the fact that the light stimulation results in intensive blood-circulation, which may lead to a rise in your blood pressure. Therefore, you must define for yourself an acceptable regime of work during the treatment. Careful regime may be 25 minutes when uses of the minimal intensity level of influence of the light signals on human being. For it, click on buttons "min" and "small" and not use warm colors.

Color meaning

Red stimulates and excites the nerves and the blood: activates the circulation of the blood, excites the cerebra-spinal fluid and sympathetic nervous systems. Red is good for the muscular system and the left cerebral brain hemisphere. It is excellent for contracted muscles. Red builds the haemoglobin. It energizes the liver. Red clears congestion and the mucous, the promotion of cellular growth and activity

Orange has an antispasmatic effect. It is useful for muscle spasms or cramps of all kinds. Orange acts on the spleen and the pancreas to help assimilation and circulation. It aids the calcium metabolism of the body and strengthens the lungs. Orange stimulates the milk producing action of the breast after child birth. Orange stimulates and increases the pulse rate without affecting the blood pressure.

Yellow is excellent for the nerves and the brain; It is a motor stimulant and a nerve builder. Yellow rays strengthen the nerves and aid the brain. Yellow has a stimulating, cleansing, and eliminating action on the liver, intestines, and the skin. Yellow purifies the blood stream. It activates the lymphatic system. Yellow is a spleen depressant, cathartic, cholegogue, antheimintic.

Green is soothing, and calming both physically and mentally. Green acts upon the sympathetic nervous system. It relieves tension in the blood vessels and lowers the blood pressure. It acts upon the nervous system as a sedative and is helpful in sleeplessness, exhaustion, and irritability. Green is a muscle and tissue builder. Green is an aphrodisiac and a sex tonic. Green is a disinfectant, germicide, antiseptic and bacteriocide.

Blue stimulates metabolism and builds vitality. Blue promotes growth. Blue slows the action of the heart and are therefore good for tachycardia. Blue has a tonic effect. Blue has antiseptic properties and is bacteriocidal. Blue is cold, electrical, and has contracting potencies. Blue contracts the arteries, veins, and capillaries and thereby raises the blood pressure. Blue is anticarcinogenic. It has a soothing and cooling effect on them. Blue reduces nervous excitement.

Indigo stimulates the parathyroid and depresses the thyroid. Indigo is a purifier of the blood stream. Indigo helps reduce or stop excessive bleeding. Indigo is good for muscular tonicity. Indigo is a respiratory depressor. Indigo can be effective as an anethetic and can induce total insensibility. INDIGO is a great purifier of the bloodstream and also benefits mental problems.

Violet stimulates the spleen. Violet depresses the motor nerve, lymphatic and cardiac systems. Violet nourishes the blood in the upper brain. It purifies the blood. Violet maintains the potassium and sodium balance of the body. Violet is good for bone-growth. Violet animates and cleans the venous blood.

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VISN software

VISN software

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VISN software

VISN software

VISN software

VISN software

VISN software

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